Naomi Shinkins - Challenge Wannaka

Challenge Wanaka

Challenge Wanaka Full Distance Triathlon Swim (3.8km) – 1.05.23 T1 – 0.05.51 Bike (180km, 1700m ascent) – 5.56.21 T2 – 0.02.51 Run (42km, 250m ascent) – 3.51.55 3rd female Age Grouper, 3rd female 30-39 Race prep Coming into this race I had the best winter training block I’ve ever done and was fitter, faster and[…]

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Woodland Riders Round 2 – Tavi

The 17th of feb saw the second round of the 2013 woodland riders winter series. On arrival we first set off for a track walk. The start of the track was new, dew to there being recent forestry work, which consisted five open flat corner which hadn’t even been ridden yet so we all new[…]

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South West Champs – Curtis Saunders

I came into this round full of confidence from winning southern champs, even though I couldn’t take the south west champ title I still wanted do win. This track that was used for this race was the newest track at Gawton “proper Job” which took 2 years to build. This take was wide and fast[…]

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Road Racing with Kelly Brocklehurst

Having previously entered road races just for a bit of speed training between MTB XC or multi-sport events, my usual approach has been attack, attack, attack, die, get dropped. At least this had been my excuse for not ever having accumulated even a single point on my BCF road licence. This season has been different[…]

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Gravity Enduro set for QE County Park, Hants

Us band of merry volunteer shovel jockeys at QECP, known as the QECP Collective, will be hosting our own gravity enduro race on 21st July 2013! It is sure to be a banger with prizes including a holiday for two with Pure Mountains in Spain’s Sierra Nevada( ), a pair of Marzocchi forks, Dainese pads, Exempt[…]

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Reading Triathlon 2012 – Hetty Bostock

In preparation for the Auckland World Championships, I figured I should probably compete in another Olympic distance triathlon, considering the qualifying race in Shropshire was the first one I had ever done! With the triathlon season well under way and the majority of popular races full up, I was lucky to get a slot in[…]

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Aston Hill – Autumn Race – Sam Marzetti

After the previous weekends tight racing at Forest of Dean, This weekend race at Aston Hill was set to be quite a lot different because it was on a track that couldn’t get much different to the jumpy, smooth, pedally course at FoD. The track Started of with a very short flattish sprint into a[…]

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