Custom Insoles

£99.00 60 minutes

The foot & pedal interface is the most important parts of a bike fit

We’re obsessed with feet. We know that a well supported foot can be the difference between a good ride and a great ride. Custom insoles will be the best £99 (includes the insoles and fitting) upgrade you make to your cycling. That is less than a pair of good quality handlebars! A fair price for something that;

  • Improves your performance, recover between 10 and 30 watts of lost energy*
  • Increases your comfort,
  • Helps keep you injury free!

*Amount will vary depending on your feet and the level of correct / support you need. Amounts are estimates based on tests done using our power meter equipped fit jig.

We can help you with the following issues by fitting you with a fully custom insole!

  • Cramp on the bike,
  • Hot foot,
  • Numb toes when cycling,
  • Sore arches,
  • Plantar fasciitis,
  • hotspots,
  • knee pain when cycling,
  • hip pain,
  • ankle pain,
  • back pain,
  • power loss and many more!

Foot Control

By the nature of the work we do, we see a lot of problems with feet, knees, hips and back. People come to us to get fixed, so naturally we see a lot of it. A huge amount of the problems stem from poorly supported feet. Our premium quality custom cycling insoles can help sort these problems for good. Your kinetic chain needs stable foundations to drive you forward. If your feet aren’t support correctly, you won’t get that support.

When your foot is not supported correctly it moves inside your shoe, creating friction and increasing fatigue. An average 2 hour ride involves over 12,000 pedal strokes, that’ s a lot of movement for a poorly supported foot!

We have always been obsessed with foot control; a well supported foot reduces power loss, reduces the risk of injury, increases saddle comfort, and improves the pedal stroke. Sidas Footbeds are used by World Tour riders who demand the best from their equipment.

Broadly, we split this into two approaches: reflective and corrective insoles. A Sidas custom foot-bed will be moulded, primarily, to reflect your foot structure and shape with any correction being fairly mild and gentle. Sometimes we will need to deal with specific structural issues with the foot and will seek to correct the foot in the shoe as best possible. Most insoles we create are gently corrective, to remind the foot how it should be. If your feet are already in great shape, then a stabilising reflective footbed will still yield great results.

Our Sidas footbeds work for 90% of foot types and issues but for some cases an appointment with our friendly local podiatrist is needed.

Sidas Custom Footbed

The Sidas custom insole is designed for use in cycling. The custom bike insole has been produced using high quality materials through-out the insole to provide day long comfort, during your ride.

  • Alcantara antibacterial topcover is soft to touch and provides durability
  • Confortene foam pad dampens vibration through the forefoot
  • TX heel & mid-foot provide the support, reinforcement and allow direct energy transfer
  • Full size range

The Appointment

An appointment takes approximately 45 mins to 1 hour for one pair of fully custom inserts, and you can get a 25% discount on a second pair using the original mould. Please bring your cycling shoes so the original footbed can be used as a template.

The Sidas footbed can be incorporated into other appointments i.e. a Expert Bike Fit or Elite Bike Fit, Shoe & Cleat set-up or Saddle Pressure mapping session, so please contact us or call 01202 424945 for more information.

Book an appointment for assessment and fitting of sides custom heat mouldable insoles using the calendar below, or give us a call on 01202 424945.

Pay a deposit of £10.00 per item

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