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Dorset and Hampshire Cycle Skills Training and Guided Rides

Our friend, Steve Coombes, has recently gone solo and now provides a great skills instruction and guided ride service across Dorset and Hampshire! Here is a snippet from his website,

Skills and trails Dorset

Teaching you the core mountain bike skills to ride off road and tackle technical trails with confidence…

Courses can be run on any day of the week to suit you and your friends.

Let me show you the good trails with a guided ride tailored specifically for you and your group.


Buying a Childrens Bike At Christmas

From Giant UK:

“I’m looking for a kids bike for Christmas, where should I start?”

If you are looking for a girls bike or boys bike this Christmas, we’ve created some kids bike buying tips to help you choose the right bike – after all there’s nothing more disappointing for a young rider than getting a new bike for Christmas that doesn’t fit or falls apart on the first ride.

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts that can help make choosing a new bike for your child fun and safe;

Buying a Kids Bike

Now is a great time to check your kids helmets for size and damage.

Buying a kids bike – DO’S;

1. Go to an independent bike retailer to buy your child’s new bicycle for three reasons: (1) The independent bike shop will make sure the bike is the right size for your child (2) the bike will have been assembled by an expert bicycle mechanic – not by someone who usually sells sat-navs or installs car stereos (3) You won’t find yourself trying to learn how to assemble a bike – buy from an independent bike shop and it will be fully assembled by a qualified mechanic, completely ready to ride and enjoy

2. Get your child to straddle the top tube of the bike (the tube that runs from behind the handlebars to beneath the saddle) with his or her feet flat on the ground. This top bar should have at least one to three inches of clearance from your youngsters body

3. Get your child to sit on the saddle and hold the handlebar. The ball’s of your child’s feet must be able to comfortably touch the ground (so they can balance correctly when they roll to a stop or when they are getting moving)

4. When your child grabs the handlebars, check to see if there is a slight bend in his or her elbows – make sure their arms aren’t stretched out (or they won’t have full control or range of movement when steering the bike)

5. Make sure your child can operate the brakes – be certain that your child can reach the brake levers comfortably, and pull them with enough force to stop the bike

6. Get a new cycling helmet at the same time. If your youngster has outgrown an existing bike, chances are the helmet they were wearing is also now too small

Buying a kids bike – DON’TS;

1. Don’t buy a bike that your child will ‘grow into’ – buy a bike that your child can ride safely now

2. Don’t assume your child will like the bike you like. Colour and style are important to you, and they are important to kids too! Let your child help pick out the bike they like to make sure there is no big day disappointment.

3. Don’t buy the cheapest bike you can find. A quality bike has a better resale value when your child outgrows it. Even better a quality kids bike will last longer and can be handed down to younger brothers and sisters as it is outgrown.

For more advice then give us a call on 01202 424945 or pop in for a chat.




“the Giant P-SLR 1‘s are a clear winner”

Cycling Weekly got hold of Giant’s new P-SLR 1 Aero wheelsystem as soon as they arrived in the UK; and that was the last we saw of them for some time! What resulted is one of the most extensive wheel tests we have ever seen, featuring detailed lab testing coupled with extensive real world riding.

Giant P-SLR Wheel Set

Giant P-SLR Wheel Set

Being selected as one of their 10 best aero wheelsets was a fine accolade with such a choice available in the market – but the Giant’s went one better – coming out on top scoring an incredible 9/10 and a Cycling weekly Recommended to match!

The Giant’s ranked highly in the lab testing – but it was the real world conditions that proved the Giant’s were something special;

“Every tester agreed, the P-SLR1 Aeros are a great all-round wheel suited to a multitude of disciplines.”

Not sure? We have a demo set you are more than welcome to try out. Pop down to the shop and have a play. Deposit required.


BMX Bottom Brackets – Size Guide

BMX Bottom Brackets

BMX Bottom Brackets

With more and more younger people getting into BMX and older ones getting back into it, we are getting asked more frequently about the different types of BMX Bottom brackets out there. This isn’t a finite list, but should give a great idea. If you want to add something, put it in the comments and i’ll update the post.

BMX Bottom Bracket Spindles

There are 3 sizes spindles: 19mm, 22mm and sometimes 20mm for sealed bottom brackets. Normally for 3 piece, and sometimes 2 piece cranks.

There are a few different sizes of spindles for 1 piece cranks, but these are more dependant on the bottom bracket shell.

BMX Bottom Bracket Shells

And there are different sizes bottom brackets shells: American, Euro (threaded), Mid and Spanish.

Bottom BracketTypeCup ID/Bearing ODBuy Now
AmericanPress-Fit51mmBuy Now
MidPress-Fit41mmBuy Now
EuroThreadedBuy Now



Giant Defy 1 Wins Cycling Plus Test

Giant Defy 1

Giant Defy 1

The Giant Defy 1 featured in February 2012 Cycling Plus – and the all-new AluxX aluminium Giant blew some big contenders (including a carbon competitor) out of the water.

“Superbly rersponsive yet fluid ride backed up with an excellent spec for the money – 4.5 stars”