Expert Bike Fit

£125.00 2 hours

Trek Precision Fit Bike FittingTime: 1.5 – 2.0 hrs

If you already have a bike and want to know it fits as it should, or you purchase any of our road bikes, then this fit is for you. We’ll take a rider history, carry out a physical evaluation, and film some single view slo-motion video, then use our professional knowledge and experience to create a baseline bike fit. We’ll adjust your bike (or aspirational bike), along with your shoes and pedals, as per the baseline fit. Our bike fit practitioner will then use his years of experience and knowledge to tweak the fit of your bike to make it perfect for you!

2nd bike £65

Follow up Appointments

Follow up appointments within a 4 month period are free. This is to ensure that your fit is perfect for you.

Follow up appointments after that period will be charged at £60 per hour, in blocks of 30 minutes and will address any modifications you wish to make, and tweak your bike fit to your progress on the bike.

To Book, call 01202 424945 and ask for Jamie, or book online using the calendar. Please supply as much information as you can when checking availability. It will allow us to check you have booked the right service and give us vital information to prepare for the session.

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