Elite Bike Fit

£250.00 4 hours

Saddle Pressure Mapping - Bike FitTime: 2.5 – 3.5 hrs

Our most popular fitting option. With the elite bike fit, you’ll get everything from the expert bike fit, with the addition of a more detailed physical evaluation, an advanced foot study, 4 view motion capture analysis and saddle pressure mapping. Shoe & Cleat fitting with a detailed study of the foot, shoe and pedal interface has distinct subsequent implications to power delivery, stability, comfort and injury prevention. This includes the prescription of custom foot-beds (actual foot-beds available from £40). This option is essential for anybody wishing to get the most out of their cycling or anyone experiencing any discomfort with their feet, knees and hips or hoping to prevent injury in the future.

Please remember to come in full cycling kit including SPD shoes if you use them to ensure accuracy of results.

2nd bike £125

Elite Bike Fit upgrade from previous expert fit: £150

To Book, call 01202 424945 and ask for Jamie, or book online using the calendar. Please supply as much information as you can when checking availability. It will allow us to check you have booked the right service and give us vital information to prepare for the session.

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