Rockshox Reverb Servicing and Repairs

Rockshox Reverb ServicingProblems with your Rockshox Reverb Seatpost? We can service and repair them right here on site. No need to send them away!

If you are not happy with the performance of your Reverb and would like us to look at it, then give the workshop a ring on 01202 424945 and we can get it booked in. Please use the exploded diagram below when referring to parts so we know exactly which bits you are talking about, and there is no confusion.

Turn-a-round time is usually 2 working days, unless we need to order parts.

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At present there are 3 options for servicing:

Reverb Lever Bleed – £15

A simple bleed of the reverb lever and hose to the post. If you have had a leak, or want to shorten the post then this is a good option.

Interim Rockshox Reverb Service – £45

Part strip, clean and rebuild with fresh oil and grease. Only designed an an interim service option, to keep the post working well, and prolong it’s life.

Full Rockshox Reverb Service – £95

As above but includes a full set of new seals and o-rings. If you have a problem with your reverb, then this is the option you need.

Rockshox Reverb Exploded Diagram
Rockshox Reverb Exploded Diagram
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