Halo BDS Round 6 – Llangollen – Curtis Saunders

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Round 6 of the halo BDS was held Llangollen a well know venue to all british riders, renowned for its steep and unforgiving terrain I came into this even with slight caution but with excitement too.

Leaving late friday night meant we had little sleep due to the fact that we had to get up early to walk the track before the uplift started. First impressions of the track were how the hell am I going to stay on the bike let alone how am I going to walk it. The top section of the track started off with a sprint with a few sets of table which were a lot trickier then they look due to the steepness of the take offs. This then lead into a few fast flowing burms which were awesome fun, however after this there was a slight uphill sprint section which was by far the worst part of the track. Then going from up hill to near vertical the track began to live up to its reputation, pretty much the whole middle section was steep switch backs which were impossible to slow down in. this bottom section consisted of a couple of bus stop with the second one have a massive step which even the elite riders were having difficulties with. Lastly there were a step down into to gaps which were flat-out scary!

Practice saturday when well getting in 6 runs which was a lot considering it was 1h 30 turn around on the uplift. As the track was fairly new and wet to start off with it was loamy however nearer the end of the day were 300 odd riders had been riding the same line a signal foot deep ruts had formed throughout the whole middle section which made to track super fun, put it this way every run I had a grin on my face, by far the most fun track this year even though the track was really muddy.

Seeding runs were average for both me and Keith, both having runs which only had a few mistakes in which was not bad considering the difficulties of the track.

Keith’s race run went well making up a huge 10 seconds on his first run giving him a time of 2:45.211 putting him in 9th

Unluckily for me just before me the heavens started to open and the track soon got wet and slick and because the track was running a far bit dryer sunday compared to saturday I decided to put my dry tyres on which was a bad judgment and cost with a signal mistake which lost valuable time putting me into 17th place.

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