Bike Repairs – Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset

At Bournemouth Cycleworks we offer competitively priced professional bike repairs and cycle servicing in our Bournemouth bike shop. Our workshop is fully equipped and staffed by experienced and knowledgable staff who are CYTECH trained and qualified, the cycle industry accreditation scheme for mechanics, as well as up-to-date training from suppliers.

We are happy to work on all types of bikes from road bikes to mountain bikeshybrids to BMX bikes, including electric bikes from all major brands. We will happily service and repair all electric bikes from brands that we sell or have a direct relationship with their suppliers. We will repair mechanical issues on most electrical bikes but cannot repair electrical issues on bikes that we have not supplied or do not have supplier backup.  If in doubt, call us on 01202 424945. All bikes that enter our workshop must be EAPC compliant.

We offer bike repairs in Bournemouth, Poole and most of Dorset and Hampshire, though our collection service. Please call for more information on 01202 424945 or get in touch.

Most bike repairs can be carried out on the same day or even while you wait. In addition, our staff are happy to provide expert advice on upgrading or modifying your bike, as well as appropriate cycle accessories to enhance your riding enjoyment.

For servicing costs see our Servicing Price-list.

Emergency Bike Repairs in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and Hampshire.

If you are in a hurry to get your bike fixed we offer an express service for an extra £10. This service is only available when we have the parts required for the repair in stock, and the capacity to do it while you wait.

Bicycle Repairs – Guide Price-list


adjust front or rear brakes£7.00
replace front or rear brake blocks£8.00+ parts
replace front or rear brake pad inserts£8.00+ parts
replace front or rear brake inner or outer cable£8.00+ parts
fit new front or rear brakes – cable£11.00+ parts
fit new front or rear brakes – hydraulic including hose shortening£20.00+ parts
disc pad change£8.00+ parts
disc brake bleed£15.00+ parts
disc brake hydraulic hose shortening£20.00+ parts
disc rotor truing£5.00
disc rotor replacement£6.00+ parts
disc rotor recondition£7.00


adjust front or rear gears£8.00
replace front or rear gear cable inner or outer – externally routed£9.00+ parts
replace front or rear gear cable inner or outer – internally routed£15.00+ parts
replace lh or rh gear shifter – mtb or flat bar£17.00+ parts
replace lh or rh gear shifter external cable routing – road bike£28.00+ parts
replace lh or rh gear shifter internal cable routing – road bike£33.00+ parts
replace left-hand crank£6.00+ parts
replace right-hand crank£9.00+ parts
replace complete chainset£15.00+ parts
chainring replacement – per chainring£5.00+ parts
shorten or lengthen chain£6.00+ parts
replace chain£7.00+ parts
replace freewheel/cassette – wheel only, no bike£6.00+ parts
replace freewheel/cassette including rear gears and brake adjust – wheel in bike£14.00+ parts
replace freewheel/cassette including rear gears and brake adjust – e-bike£21.00+ parts
replace freehub£22.00+ parts
straighten mech hanger£14.00+ parts
replace mech hanger£14.00+ parts
replace rear derailleur£14.00+ parts
replace jockey wheels£7.00+ parts
replace front derailleur£12.00+ parts
complete drivetrain degrease – removal and re-fitting of all drivetrain components£50

Bearing Sets

headset adjustment£6.00
adjust front or rear cones£7.00
adjust loose bearing bottom bracket£8.00
strip & re-grease front hub£16.00+ parts
strip & re-grease rear hub£20.00+ parts
strip & rebuild bottom bracket bearings£16.00+ parts
strip & rebuild headset bearing£16.00+ parts
replace bottom bracket with sealed unit£15.00+ parts
fit new headset (bare frame)£11.00+ parts
fit new headset (forks attached)£20.00+ parts
replace front axle£16.00+ parts
replace rear axle£21.00+ parts

Tyres and Tubes

fit new front wheel – rim brake£8.00+ parts
fit new rear wheel – rim brake£11.00+ parts
fit new tube (inc tube) – Puncture Repair (Excluding Long Valves)£12.00
fit new tube rear – Sturmey Archer (inc tube) – Puncture Repair£14.00
fit new tyre£6.00+ parts
fit new tyre rear (sturmey archer)£8.00+ parts


fit new grips£5.00+ parts
fit new front-load stem£7.00+ parts
fit new single-bolt stem£16.00+ parts
fit new bars – MTB/Hybrid£16.00+ parts
fit new saddle£5.00+ parts
fit mudguards front + rear (Stayed)£11.00+ parts
fit rear rack£9.00+ parts
replace pedals (pair)£5.00+ parts
fit stabilisers£9.00+ parts
fit computer and setup£11.00+ parts
frame replacement£80.00+ parts
build boxed bike£40.00+ parts