Invisiframe Supply and Fitting


We are an authorised supplier and approved fitting agent for Invisiframe protection. If you’ve never seen invisiframe you’ll be amazed at the way it blends into the aesthetic of your frame. Made from premium quality 3M automotive vinyl, the invisiframe kits are custom cut to each bike model, size and paint finish making them almost un-noticeable and therefore keeping the standard aesthetics of your bike. Although these kits cannot guarantee to protect against big impacts, they do protect the paint finish from scratches, scuffs and chips meaning your bike looks fresh for longer.

Invisiframe – Frame protection fitting service

Frame kits start at just £50 plus £80 for fitting for a generic hard-tail bike kit and are already available for a huge amount brands and frames, if yours is not listed then custom kits are available for any bike too. For a full list of available kits please see the Invisiframe Website, our prices are the same as listed there. Fitting charges are £80 for road, gravel and hard-tail, and £120 for full suspension, if we supply the kit. If you already have your Invisiframe kit, we can take the heartache out of fitting it yourself for just £105 and £140 respectively. Our prices for the kits are as per the Invisiframe Website.

Invisiframe - Seamless Bike Frame Protection

If you a question about fitting a kit on your bike please get in touch on 01202 424945 or via the contact page.

If you’d like to book your bikein for an Invisiframe Kit fitting then please book a workshop appointment:

Cycle Repair

Workshop Appointment – Repair or Service My Bike

  25 minutes

Appointment to drop off a repair to the workshop or discuss a repair or parts purchase with a mechanic.  Please note, we are unable to work on bikes while you wait, unless by express prior agreement.

*Shimano Crank Inspection Programme*

This appointment may be used for the crank inspection programme only alongside a service. If you just want the crank inspection programme, then please book a Shimano Crank Inspection appointment.

** Missed Appointments **

Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, will be charged at £10. By booking your appointment, you agree to this condition.

** E-Bikes **

Please note we do not work on e-bikes that are not UK road legal, or EAPC compliant. This means chipped bikes or de-restricted bikes. If you would like us to work on your chipped bike, then the chip will neeed to be removed before it is brought in to us.

No warranty will be provided for work on bikes that are chipped.


These kits can be purchased and fit at home, but for best results the frame needs to be fully prepared and ideally brand new. Fitting takes a lot of patience and time to get it looking spot on, luckily we offer this as an upgrade on all bikes. Our master mechanics can take care of the fitting process for you to save you the headache of squeezing any bubbles out for a seamless finish.

Invisiframe - Frame protection fitting service