Aston Hill – Autumn Race – Curtis Saunders

With the sun making an appearance this weekend it meant only one thing a dry and dusty race which everyone enjoys, and did it ever show with over 250 riders it was by far the biggest push up race I’ve ever competed in.

The track stared with a flat out sprint into a table top straight into some fast off camber corners which had plenty of roots to catch you out and because of this there were many crashes and more serious than others. This fast section then lead into several switchbacks which contained tricky steps which meant your tyres couldn’t find much traction in the dry dust conditions this meant keeping it safe and maintaining your speed through this section was quicker then flat out and risk sliding out. The next section was some more off camber corners which were made eve harder by the amount of riders riding down as the rots and ruts were becoming more and more dominant. Lastly there were even more switchbacks which were tighter the first lots and steeper these then lead into a short sprint to the finish.

Bournemouth Cycle works team got off to a great start with me(Curtis) getting 3rd in senior and Keith Saunders getting 10th in the veteran category.

Second race run when ell for Keith making up 4 seconds taking him up to 5th out of 33. I on the other hand when .2 slower which dropped me down to 5th out of 77 , however I was really chuffed with I result coming back from and injury and still being up there in the standings all in all a great weekends racing.

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