Woodland Riders Round 2 – Tavi

The 17th of feb saw the second round of the 2013 woodland riders winter series. On arrival we first set off for a track walk. The start of the track was new, dew to there being recent forestry work, which consisted five open flat corner which hadn’t even been ridden yet so we all new there wasn’t much point choosing a line through this section because it was bound to change all the time. This section then lead into a small drop/step down onto the fire road, straight into another drop off the fire road into a right hander through to sections of tight trees with little line choice except from one other which Sam Marzetti was riding that one else was doing. The middle section was a new drop to flat into another new section which was already boggy before it had been ridden this then lead into a steep fast section straight into some tight trees. The last section was the flattest part of the track over a root garden which made it hard to get on the pedals to cross the finish line.

Fist runs were both great and bad for the bournemouth cycle works team with Sam putting in a blinder of a run of 1:04 putting him not only the fast junior but the fast man down the hill in first runs beating some highly named elite riders. I on the other hand had a disappointing run, as I was trying out clipped pedals which I was getting on fine with in practice however race run I just couldn’t stay clipping in meaning I only came down in 1:09. Keith also came down with what he said was a disappointing run however still put him in 3rd.

Sam’s first run performance gave me a massive confidence boost but also a lot of pressure as there’s also been rivalry between us which is what push’s us harder to get faster to beat one another. So coming into my second run I new I had to keep it smooth and get my lines and stay clipping in. As I passed the finish line Sam was there waiting by the results screen to tell me that I got a 1:05 which I was relieved to get. This result put me in 3rd in senior. Keith also had a better run gaining valuable time taking him up a position on the podium to 2nd. Lastly the bournemouth cycle works junior rider’s first time was not beaten in the second runs so Sam’s first run time was the fastest of the day. So all in all great results for the Bournemouth Cycle Works team with 3 podiums.

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