Aston Hill – Autumn Race – Sam Marzetti

After the previous weekends tight racing at Forest of Dean, This weekend race at Aston Hill was set to be quite a lot different because it was on a track that couldn’t get much different to the jumpy, smooth, pedally course at FoD. The track Started of with a very short flattish sprint into a couple of tabletops and then dived of over the road and into a few super loose, rough, flat corners which were catching a lot of people out, The track then saw you flying over two big rooty wedge jumps and into some more tight, loose corners that were hard to hit fast and keep smooth, The corners continued down to the bottom of the hill and sent you out of the woods and over the finish line.

I started practice doing a few full runs so i could get used to the track and warm up, I then went up to some of the tight corners midway down the track and tested out some cheeky high lines to help me get through the sections a lot smoother and quicker. Once I felt that I had got through the corners smoothly I decided to do a few more full runs before practice ended.

On the Sunday morning before racing began I managed to do 3 good full runs which left me feeling confident for race runs. My first race run went well with no real mistakes and a reasonable pace, I ended up with a time of 1.09.67 which put me in 3rd place however one of the really fast riders in my category DNF’d so I knew my podium place would not hold unless I went faster.

I had a good fast start to my second run but ended up being sent off-line and pin-balling off a couple of trees by a big rock lying in the track on one of the fastest sections of the track, I managed to avoid crashing but I lost a lot of momentum and speed. I pushed it for the rest of the run and got a few extra pedal strokes in and still ended up going over a second faster with a time of 1.08.45 which put me in 4th place only 0.05secs off the podium! I was so annoyed because it was another ridiculously tight race which left me off the podium again.

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