Childrens Bikes

Children’s bikes come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from 10 in wheeled balance bikes through to 24 inch wheel mountain bikes. At Bournemouth Cycleworks we have a great selection of children’s bikes, covering the complete range from first bike to bikes for young adults. Our friendly helpful staff will help you choose which is the most suitable for your child and make sure it is safe make any adjustments necessary. All the children’s bikes we sell have adjustable brakes so that they work perfectly in small hands.

Free Servicing!

Free servicing on all new kids bikes purchased from us. Excluding parts. As long as you own the bike. Simple. No tricks, no gimmicks, we just care about kids safety! This covers all bikes bought after 1st october 2015.

Are there any exclusions? Yes some!

  1. Any damage to the bike that would be outside the realms of a normal service, would not be covered. e.g. punctures, broken wheels etc, unless covered under warranty.

Childrens Bikes Trade In Scheme!

Every children’s bike we sell we will buy back at up to 50% of the original purchase price, when traded in against a new bike from us. Less any parts it needs.

What’s the catch? Nothing really, but there are a few rules:
1) The bike must be serviced by us, at least every 6 months. Hey it’s free, so no excuse.
2) The bike must have been purchased after 1st October 2015.
How do I know how much I will get back? Every time the bike is serviced, we will grade it. The grade will reflect the condition of the bike and it’s consequent resale value.
There will be 4 grades.
A – Great condition – 50% back
B – Good condition – 42% back
C – Fair condition – 35% back
X – Less than fair condition. We will still buy it back, but value negotiable.
That’s it. We want to help you look after your kids, and make sure they have a safe and fun time while riding their bike!

Early Rider Bikes

Early Rider Bikes

We stock some great kids bikes from Frog Bikes, Early Rider, Giant and Trek. All our kids bikes are high quality and built to last.

Have a browse through our selection of kids bikes:

Giant XTC Jnr 20 Inch Kids Bike