Giant’s new Defy Advanced 1 “Gives you the legs of a pro on every climb”

Giant’s new Defy Advanced 1 just got reviewed on and it’s a big 4 stars thumbs up for the Defy’s “sublime ride quality and outstanding performance”

“Super-stiff, it has an appetite for altitude gain that gives you the legs of a pro on every climb. The fact it’ll cruise comfortably with luxurious poise all day is recommendation enough, but when the hammer goes down, it’s simply in a different class to other bikes at this price.”

“…this bike climbs with a muscular authority that none of the price rivals we rode it alongside could match. Its stiffness seems to always keep you over the front of the gear and accelerating rather than struggling to get over the top.”

“…we can only presume that this undeniable and quite clear performance advantage comes from the construction of the frame and the top-quality wheel build.”

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Giant Defy Advanced 1
Giant Defy Advanced 1
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