BMX Bottom Brackets – Size Guide

BMX Bottom Brackets
BMX Bottom Brackets

With more and more younger people getting into BMX and older ones getting back into it, we are getting asked more frequently about the different types of BMX Bottom brackets out there. This isn’t a finite list, but should give a great idea. If you want to add something, put it in the comments and i’ll update the post.

BMX Bottom Bracket Spindles

There are 3 sizes spindles: 19mm, 22mm and sometimes 20mm for sealed bottom brackets. Normally for 3 piece, and sometimes 2 piece cranks.

There are a few different sizes of spindles for 1 piece cranks, but these are more dependant on the bottom bracket shell.

BMX Bottom Bracket Shells

And there are different sizes bottom brackets shells: American, Euro (threaded), Mid and Spanish.

Bottom BracketTypeCup ID/Bearing ODBuy Now
AmericanPress-Fit51mmBuy Now
MidPress-Fit41mmBuy Now
EuroThreadedBuy Now


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