BCC Tickertape 19th Feb 2012

The new Bournemouth Cycleworks (CWRacing) team take 3 of the top 4 spots at round 4! Here is new team rider Sam Marzetti’s account:

Longleat Tickertape Race – 19/02/12

I turned up to race the Longleat Tickertape race on the Sunday morning and went to have a look at the course. My first impressions were that it looked like a good, fun course that contained a bit of everything. The course started off with a nice little step down jump of the fire road which led into a small rockgarden which weaved through some tight trees and then the course dropped into a steep shoot that had a nice big muddy rut at the bottom of it, it then went  through some nice flowy berms and jumps and finished off with a pedally weave through some tight trees and ruts.

Sam Marzetti
Sam Marzetti

After my first few runs I didn’t feel too confident as I wasn’t properly warmed up and I could see that everyone else was already going fast, including FLC team mate Curtis Saunders who was flying past on his little Transition hardtail. Once I warmed up I grabbed a freelap watch and went and did a timed run. My first run was ok with quite a few mistakes and it put me about 5thoverall,

Curtis Saunders - Pinning it!
Curtis Saunders - Pinning it!

I then went on to do a couple more timed runs and put in a time of 57.68 seconds which put me into 1st place overall beating team mate Curtis Saunders by 0.4secs. Curtis then went onto get a time of 57.14 seconds which pushed him back up to 1st. I then did another run and managed to boost my time up to 57.11 seconds which left Curtis on the edge of his seat.

With 10 mins to spare we both went and did a final run. I was tired so I only got a 58.65, I watched Curtis come down the hill boosting out of corners on his Dad’s Giant Glory. It looked like he was going to smash my time but he was also tired by the time he got to the finish and couldn’t push hard enough in the final sprint he ended with a 57.15 seconds, 0.01secs of his best time.

It left Curtis with 2nd place with a best time of 57.14 which put me in 1st overall with a best time of 57.11. I was happy with my result as I beat team mate Curtis Saunders on his home tracks and also beat lots of other fast riders like Steve Geall and Identiti and Halo sponsored rider Chris Smith.

Well done Boys, great day out!

You can following Sam, Curtis and the rest of the team over at CWRacing.co.uk shortly!

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