Introductory Offers on Elite and Giant Turbo Trainers now in stock!


Winter is closing in so why not bring your training indoors with our new range of Giant and Elite turbo trainers. Whether its an entry level turbo trainer or a digital smart trainer your looking for we have a great range at Bournemouth Cycleworks. Our staff will also be happy to demo any of the trainers we stock so you can try before you buy.

Elite Trainers

Elite turbo trainers offer great quality and aim to bring new levels of realism to indoor training. The Elite Novo Force Trainer is just £139.99, down from £164.99 and offers lever adjustable magnetic resistance.

If your looking to take your indoor training to the next level then why not take a look at the Elite Quick Motion Rollers at £314.99, down from £374.99 which offers an safe ride for both new and more experienced riders.

giant_indoor_training1Get realistic with the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B FE-C trainer now £279.99, down from £325 . It provides a smart link when using immersive training programs like Zwift, giving real time feedback of the road and relying speed and power details back to the computer. A really clever piece of tech, at a very reasonable price.


Giant Cyclotron Fluid ST

Squeeze in training sessions when you’re tight for time or conditions prevent you heading outside. Cyclotron Fluid ST trainer offers smooth, progressive resistance up to 1400 watts. At just £179.99, down from £199 it offers an affordable trainer with smooth fluid resistance. See the Cyclotron Fluid ST in our shop here.

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