Giant XTC Composite 29er 1 Wins What Mountain Bike Test!

Giant XTC Composite 29er
Giant XTC Composite 29er

“The Giant XtC Composite 29er 1 is so smooth and carries so much speed it almost feels like cheating”

What Mountain Bike magazine carried out a £1300 – £1700 ‘Mid-Range Machines’ test in their April issue; pitting full-suss vs hardtail in a no holds barred fight for supremacy. Giant’s XtC Composite 29’er 1 rolled up its sleeves, gritted its teeth and emerged from the melee victorious.

Coming in at the top end of the test budget meant the Giant had a lot to prove, but Giant’s Composite technology was so silky smooth testers soon realised they were riding a best in category winner that was definitely worth it;

“If you want a fast, smooth, mile-eater, look no further. The XtC Composite 29’er is a joy to ride and was the bike that kept popping out for “just one more lap”.'”

What bike is ‘What Mountain Bike Test Winner’, ‘What Mountain Bike Best 29in Wheel Bike’ and ‘What Mountain Bike Best Hardtail’? Giant XtC Composite 29’er!

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