Woodland Riders Round 2 Tavistock

It was a early start for both me and my dad (Keith Saunders) with a 2.5 hour drive ahead of us on sunday morning. We where able to get there before practicing started which meant we were able to get a better look at the track and first impressions were what have I let myself in for as the track was literally covered in roots from top to bottom and being on a hardtail made me think even harder about what lines a would take.

Curtis on the Podium
Curtis on the Podium

The track it’s self was pretty flat which meant you had to pedal at every opportunity and on a hardtail pedalling on roots doesn’t go down too well. However with my dad on his new Glory 00, Supplied by Bournemouth Cycleworks, and with clips he was dialled.

With some big names in the veterans category the pressure was on Keith, and with this being my first hardtail race I wanted to do well. With the first runs started and hardtail’s off first the pressure was on to get the fasted time I was second from last off in my cat, when I got down I was in the lead by 10 seconds however I new the local lad was on track and had the track pretty much sussed however I was able to say in the lead by 1.4 seconds. Keith’s cat was next on track, I was able to watch him go down part of the track which he was by far the fastest in that section. And he was to take the lead by 2 seconds.

I new the pressure was still on so I pushed even harder for the next run but in doing so had consequences and I came out of a berm too early and ending up slightly off course loosing me valuable time meaning the local lad took the win leaving me in 2nd which I was disappointed with but that’s how racing goes. Keith’s second run was totally different he somehow managed to pull another two seconds out of somewhere to take the lead with a bigger margin of 2.5 seconds.

All in all the race was great, the venue/track was great and the results were great.

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